Smoked Silana Ricotta

Smoked ricotta is a typical preparation of ricotta from Sila. The ricotta, made from cow’s milk whey after the processing of caciocavalllo silano, is compressed into brick-shapes and let it drain for two days. When it gets a thicker consistence, it is smoked according to an ancient process with river wood which will give to the ricotta an unmistakable taste and aroma.

Rich in proteins with a high biological value, of B vitamins, mineral salts, and lactose, it is very digestible and it is advised in light diets. It can be preserved for a long time, and it can be eaten with bread or grated on pasta, gnocchi di patate (potato dumplings), and cooked vegetables, or served as tasty table cheese.

Nutrition Facts (serving size 100g)

Carbohydrate 1.5%
Protein 16%
Fat 33%

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