Caciocavallo Podolico

Caciocavallo Podolico is a particular variety of caciocavallo, one of the finest in Italy. It is made using exclusively milk from Podolica cow breed that gives the cheese a series of organoleptic properties and a wealth of proteins and fats.

The cheese has a peculiar oval shape, typical of the Calabrian territory. The texture is semi-hard, homogeneous and straw yellow in colour.

The production takes place in a strictly artisan way; the milk of Podolica cows, after being curd at optimal temperatures, is crushed in grains as large as a grain of rice. It is left to age for a few days at room temperature, then the dough is cut into slices and dipped in boiling water. Finally, we proceed with manual shaping in order to reach the typical oblong shape that culminates with a small protuberance.

Nutrition Facts (serving size 100g)

Carbohydrate 6.5%
Protein 28%
Fat 38%

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